Some basic thoughts that drive us


A good tool always is a manifestation of an innovative thought, an individual expression.

Light speaks directly to the audience. You feel it more than you can see it. Together we have to create a broader awareness for light – share and explore light in it’s graphical, physiological and psychological complexity. For users as a craft, for the audience as a sensibilization of it’s power and possibilities. Together with people who work with light we are in the search for new expressive ways and tools to use light and think about light in the digital age.  

Jakob Ballinger, 14.08.2016

The Light Bridge is a Center of innovative lighting.  

We invite DPs, Gaffers, Keygrips and light designers to share their vision and passion of their craft. Together, they develop new lighting equipment as well as theoretical and practical approaches for the modern digital cinema.

Founded in Vienna, Austria in 2016, The Light Bridge encourages creative minds to collaborate and work together to revolutionize the way people think and work with light. Through community expertise and input, The Light Bridge develops high quality cutting-edge lighting systems for cinematographers, gaffers, and light designers to free their artistic voice. 


Founder Jakob Ballinger has been working in the film and television industry for 21 years after he quit Circus school to join the film business. While at a young age, he pursued his interest in developing lights, rigs and fixtures then became an electrician. He enrolled at the National Film School in Vienna to deepen his knowledge of the craft. Back in the field of his choice, he has been working as a gaffer ever since. Specializing in large scale feature films and commercials, his international career has taken him all over the world.
The Light Bridge emerged as Jakob Ballinger’s answer to address the needs of new lighting possibilities and challenges in the age of digital cinematography. As an industry gaffer with experience on projects ranging from small productions to major film studio shoots, Ballinger understands the need for high-quality and economical lighting for various creative projects with different budgets.

You can contact Jakob: Jakob@thelightbridge.com


Director of photography Christian Berger is the inventor of the Cine Reflect Lighting System and has used it to shoot all of his projects since The Piano Teacher in 2001. 2014 he lensed Angelina Jolie Pitt’s third directorial outing, By the Sea. A titan in the industry, Berger has more than 40 years experience as a cinematographer. He and his lighting system were behind The White Ribbon – the first foreign film to receive The American Society of Cinematographer’s highest accolade, the Best Cinematography Award, which also earned him and Academy Award® nomination for Best Cinematography